MacBook Pro Retina 15" success stories ?

Started Feb 27, 2013 | Questions thread
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Got the MBPretina. Now, what High-end Monitor ?

So ! After lots of waiting, weighing pros and cons and whether I should go iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook Pro High-rez with anti-glare, helped in that pilgrim quest by your encouraging reviews and eventually compelled by a dealer's special, I fell for a 2013 15" MacBook Pro Retina (2,7/ 16/ 512). First impressions are great. I installed most of my compatible programs and there has not been a hiccup so far. Since I leap from an early iMac Core2 duo, I have now the impression that LightRoom flies !

It is still in the installation progress and I wonder if it will provide for all the connections I need. I'm not a fan of prolonged exposure to WIFI, so I plugged it to the network using the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter, which works great also for retrieving stuff from my iMac with a standard patch cable (thanks to auto-sensing ports). Of course, WIFI would also have allowed switching networks for those tasks. I got the USB to Ethernet adapter instead of the faster TB to Ethernet, because I will need the two Thunderbolt ports, one for an external display and the other for my older FW800 drives (I went USB3 subsequently). This will leave one USB3 port available for another drive or device. Things might get a bit awkward though for downloading CF cards when the printer is plugged etc., but then I can unplug the network for a while. Still, I might have to meet the need for an external scratch at some point as the internal SSD fills up. I reckon that an USB3 hub will soon prove necessary not to plug-unplug devices all the time.

MONITOR. Since Apple hasn't yet announced a designer grade Apple Display, I've been considering third parties. I did skip the Ferraris and other Reference monitors for an obvious reason. After some research, I am left with those contenders : The proven CCFL NEC PA27W, or the Eizo SX2762W. But for a similar price, I'm actually seriously leaning towards the new DELL U3014 .

I'm very hesitant though, having no idea of how well the MBP will integrate the DELL. Should you have a word of wisdom, please follow up on that other tread .



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