Best wireless remote for the Panasonic GX1?

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Re: Went the extra mile.

Kuppenbender wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:

Hey Kuppenbender,

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help me out. Words cannot possibly convey how grateful I am for you to be doing this.

No trouble at all. In the process I'm finding out how my own gear works.

First, what do you mean by H, M & L? I only shoot RAW.

I'm referring to the burst modes. SH = Super High speed, the 20 fps electronic shutter, H = plain old 'High Speed' etc..

Second, in AEB mode (don't know how many exposures you set, but I intend to use at least 5 exposures and maybe 7), are you saying that you just press the shutter once and the camera will automatically take all of the exposures that I've set?

If you use the Bulb setting on the Pixel Oppilas, yes, that's exactly what happens. At the end of the 7 frame sequence the camera stops taking photos.

To take another sequence of photos you need to press the remote shutter release twice. Once to cancel the previous Bulb action, then again to start another sequence.

Or you hold the shutter on the remote until all 3, or 5, or 7 exposures are taken (depending on the setting in the menu)?

If you set the Pixel Oppilas to Continuous burst mode you need to hold the shutter button down to complete the sequence. This works far more erratically.

Instead of short bursts of the set number of bracketed exposures (3,5 or 7) the camera simply continues to take photos (about 1fps). You would have to count the frames yourself and stop after you've taken enough.

All in total, how long did it took for all of the exposures in your set was taken?

In Bulb mode (on the Oppilas) 7 frames (raw, 1/250 second) took about 3 seconds. In Continuous mode, it was closer to 10 seconds, and the bracketing was on a continuous loop. There was no indication that the 7 (3 or 5) exposure sequence was complete.

Bulb mode works much better.

As for the self-timer, if the camera is set to 10 seconds and the remote have a 5 second option, I'm assuming that I get up to 15 seconds to take the shots right?

Yes, absolutely.

I'm happy to answer all your questions. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks for the response. My understanding of the remote have improved.

Initially I didn't understood what you meant by bulb mode because my assumption is to assume a very long exposure.

In the continuous burst mode, let's say you set it to 5 frames with a difference of 1 EV for each exposure (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2), what will happen if you continue to hold the shutter on the remote? I'm still not quite clear what will happen. Will the camera start at -2 after the last exposure at +2 from the first set?

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