Wide angle for DX5100 - Nikon 12-24 / Nikon 10-24 / Tokina 12-24 ?

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Re: Wide angle for DX5100 - Nikon 12-24 / Nikon 10-24 / Tokina 12-24 ?

I use the Tokina 12-24 on a D40 or D3100 as my light-weight travel combination. I´m shooting mostly landscapes.

The lens is sharp to the corners at f8 - f13 with good microcontrast. CAs at corners can be corrected by Lightroom easily. Between 12-18mm the picture quality is definetely better than the quality of typical kit lenses, e.g. 18-55.
I have bought the first gen lens below $300. There is no autofocus with the first gen lens on the newer consumer bodies, but that is not a big problem for landscape work in the UWA range.

I have compared the D3100/12-24 combo with my best FX combination, the D800 with Zeiss 15/2.8. Small diferences in corner sharpness up to 13x19 inch prints.

You will not make a mistake by taking one of the other lenses mentioned. Nevertheless, the Tokina first gen will be the cheapest by far....

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