Outdoor On Location Studio strobes

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Re: Outdoor On Location Studio strobes

Sailor Blue wrote:

Most softboxes will mount on a variety of speedrings. Have you tried mounting the Elinchrome 39" deep octa on a PCB speedring?

No, i sold it when I got the einstein. I really had such a bad experience with elinchrom that I didn't want the karma of using any of their stuff anymore, lol. I actually like the 36" fotodiox softbox a lot but the mount is very loose on alienbees equipment and I'm always worried it'll fall off. I may just start taking the 24x36 buff softbox which is lighter than the buff 36" octa.

Lawrence Keeney's cart looks good. This one isn't collapsible but it would make a good cart for transporting photo gear and with a light stand mount attached it would be a very stable hard to turn over base for that light stand.


i have that cart. I've thought about putting a light stand on it but i never got around to it. One concern is that the wheels are very close together and it has tipped over several times. I'd hate to have that happen with a light on it!

And you live in Thailand?!? VERY JEALOUS!!!

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