Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

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DELL U3014 ?

Many thanks to all for your input, which answers most of my questioning on both technical and practical sides of panel back-lighting technologies.

I now understand that there is no simple rule, such as CCFL is eyes friendly and LED is not, CCFL is soft LED is too contrasty, etc. Early PWM LED backlighting must be avoided, but newer high-end monitors include a LED backlighting that does not flicker even at low luminance levels such as those used to work on images (80-120 cd/m2).

So why not step forward in the newer technology, taking the good of it ?

What draws me to the DELL U3014 is the ratio first. Many of my images are framed vertically, and I also do some InDesign layout.

Brightness on that LED panel can be set to a minimum of 50 cd/m2, with non flickering LED (GB technology, same as new Eizo and probably new NEC PA soon). Price of U3014 is a lot less than the NEC 30" counterpart. Last but not least, it has a USB3 hub.

There have not been real testing results released as today, but the earlier released U2713H is well noted, except for uniformity. Since some of you have been very happy with the U3011, it is doubtful that it's successor will disappoint.

Problem: Monitors this size must be plugged in with a dual cable adapter, which takes one TB and one USB port I think. This would be the case with any of the 27" too. Since the MBPr has very limited connectivity, it's better to think ahead.

The DELL has a USB3 hub, which certainly would be useful, but the MacbookPro Retina seems fussy with external USB3 hubs have I read, at least some earlier versions of the MBPr. It is not yet known whether the DELL hub will work for the MBPr. Also, DELL viewing software is PC only. And yes, LUT calibration would have me to purchase yet another device.

What did I forget ? I would gladly take any word of encouragement and /or of warning before the purchase is final !

Thanks again !


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