Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Here is one more picture that shows what the FZ200 can provide in terms of image quality. ISO 200.
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Why don't you create a separate thread and stop polluting this thread with your horrible pictures? This is Fuji HS50 thread.

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Joms, that's a totally ignorant and juvenile statement. You certainly have NO say as to who posts on ANY thread. If you don't agree that its a image with sharp detail and good color, argue the point. People can post images here from ANY camera to let others decide the quality comparison. If you want it all your way, start a HS50 blog and only invite the Fuji fanboys. This forum is all about sharing, learning, discussion, and agreement/disagreement without the childish rants. For someone who does not even have the camera, your claims are not as valid as if YOU posted your images for others to comment on. Fact is, the HS50 looks promising, but it's a mixed bag of posted images so far. When someone from a respected review site runs it through it's paces, then we will all see what it's capable of and can compare it to the current top that the FZ200/FZ150, the Canon SX40/50, or possibly the Nikon P510/520.

I'm interested in the HS50 for it's manual zoom and long length, but I want the best IQ I can get in a bridge cam and the jury is still deliberating on this one.

I'd say those saying HS camera is not sharp and with poor IQ in general are the ones that are ignorant. What makes you think a camera that produces an output with 5 strands more (when viewed at 100%) than the other camera will make it superior in IQ? It has been debated endlessly that these pinhead superzooms have average IQ and will not separate each other from another by mile. These stupid reviewers and are exaggerating their awards to make it look like one camera is vastly superior than another. You can link your non-Fuji shots here but don't post endlessly and say it has better IQ than Fuji camera.

-=[ Joms ]=-

No, I think you are delusional again, you keep posting that same poor Lion shot from the FZ200, and I keep posting photos showing that that is ONE bad photo you picked out to denounce the FZ200 and make it look worse than it is...

Nope you are. Do you want me to post again your smeary bird shots?

Lol, why you don't have anymore worth posting from HS30…I have plenty more of your HS shots that are worse than the FZ200 shots with wrong settings…lol...

You also post very poor examples of Close Ups and folks don't want to say anything, but someone has to tell you that they are not that good...

And so as you with your expensive setup. 1000$ for a cheap toyzoom? Hell no!

A $50 Close Up lens would give you some incredible results, you have the skills why not create something great instead of amateurish..

You also fail to look at FZ200 Shutter Speeds at 1020mm of the birds and fail to realize that the HS50 would have blurred the same shot as the shutter speed would have been too low...

1020mm what? Digital zoom? You should thank Nikon and not Panasonic for giving you another 420mm for 400$.

TC-E17ED was actually designed for cameras like FZ series…too bad Fuji has not come to grips with it, you could possibly get a Gold Award…lol ;-)…just kidding HS series will never take Gold thats a fact...

You only have 5-6 photos of great bird shots, and 2-3 are from another camera HS10?…so while you try to say the HS30 is THE greatest camera of ALL times and better than other Superzooms, it is not…it is marginal at best IF you use RAW...

Count doesn't matter. Pay my salary so I will shoot exclusively for birds in front of your pond and wouldn't go to office now.

Lol…the only thing in my pond is fish, two kinds of birds seasonal Canadian Geese and Red Wing Black Bird, the rest are shot 10-15 miles dependent upon where I go…I do have many options for close ups on the creek though...

The HS50 is going to be large and clunky, but if the jpegs are decent I would give it a try...

Clunky. Your toyzoom FZ200 does have clunky controls and clunky motorized zoom any very toyish compared to all HS cameras.

Clunky? vs Chunky? HS Series is like a big ole 300 lb NFL Football player with a Little Bitty Head…lol..

My Seagulls in flight with the ole FZ100 make your HS30 BIF look like kindergarten shots…I notice ALL of your BIF were at the same focal length, so there goes your Manual Zoom BS out the window…you shot them ALL at the same focal length…so can the FZ Cameras…lol…you really think folks are as domb as you look...

The FZ200 is a nice camera…Gold Award? that is not for me to decide I could really care less to be honest...

Gold award crap? Actual results doesn't reflect that.

But man does the photos reflect Gold!…Gold all the way!!!

The HS Series will never see an award as none of the review sites even want to touch…so it must be that great! The ONLY one Image Resource did was HS10?…they never touched another HS Series since...

The latest examples of HS50 look really good from Deep…well done Deep!


Yes, indeed, he should give you a few pointers…lol...

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--Really there is a God...and He loves you..
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Mr Ichiro Kitao, I support the call to upgrade the FZ50.
I will not only buy one but two no questions asked...

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