WB750 auto ISO - 400 max?

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Re: WB750 auto ISO - 400 max?

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As I posted in another thread the EX2f shares the same problem. I think the firmware on these cameras probably needs a complete rewrite from scratch to solve these problems as there seems to be so much interaction with the routines blocking each other in the menu. I cannot see Samsung fixing this problem in firmware upgrades. You will just have to force the ISO manually.

One thing I noticed on one of the reviews is that in smart mode the EX2 will go to ISO 800 which does work and this may be the same for the WB750.

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Hi all,

I just purchased a 2nd hand WB750 to complement my EX1. From what I've seen so far, it appears that auto ISO is limited to 400, just as it is on the EX1.

But where the latter has a super-fast lens to make sure ISO 400 is enough in most circumstances, the WB750 either uses a verrrrry slow shutter speed (I've seen up to 1 second so far, in a moderately dimly lit room) or uses flash, which I don't like either.

I'd much rather see it use ISO 800 or even 1600, but it doesn't seem to agree with me, and setting ISO manually isn't really quick either. Are there any workarounds, or will I just have to accept that it's a bit of a PITA to use in low light?

It does, thanks! It also doesn't seem to use shutter speeds slower than 1/8 in auto mode, which is useful, but for some reason it won't increase the ISO (or shutter speed) any further, even if that means you're getting a hugely underexposed image. Not quite sure if I'd call that a particularly "Smart" mode... surely an underexposed image is a bigger problem than a noisy one?? And especially with Samsung's reputation for heavy NR, the result of an ISO 1600 or 3200 image would probably be smeary rather than noisy

My pleasure. It helps a bit and the smart mode is pretty good if you do not want to mess around. Why it thinks a black image with nothing visible is preferable to a bit of noise, sorry smearing, is pretty bizarre I must admit. The tip was in Expert Reviews review so I can just about forgive them for saying there was no dedicated exposure offset button.

I have sent Samsung an email asking for an ISO limit and the choice of detail or noise reduction as per the LX7. I referred specifically to the EX2. Why not send a moan to them about your WB750 also. That gives them 2 messages to ignore (apart from the automated 'your opinion really matters to us' reply of course). You never know they may wake up to the problem especially if the EX2f does not shift out of the warehouses which is highly likely at the moment. Though they are probably selling like hot cakes in South Korea and Russia so I am not sure how important the Western markets are to them.

Sure, I'll give it a try which department / email address did you send it to?

Probably the best entry point in the US is http://www.samsung.com/us/support/email/product/. You will probably have to cut and paste the link. If you select your WB750 from the point and shoots and possibly select usage as your query it should get through OK.

Best of luck.

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