DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

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Re: DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

Mjankor wrote:

Oh, right, so in your example, we can throw exposure out the window.

It has been thrown already, OMD got 2/3 stop more exposure than G3, Jack just exaggerate that a bit more to make the point more clear.

Now you're proposing testing 1 camera with 1/100 exposure time, against one with 1/4000 exposure time. Why?

Exactly, if 1/100 vs 1/4000 is not right, what makes 1/100 vs 1/160 right?

The OM-D meters like other cameras, and has a final image brightness like other cameras.

Maybe maybe not, but DPR ought do the same exposure to OMD and other m4/3 cameras for a usable comparison.

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