Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

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Re: Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

For right now the only thing I am prepared to assert is that you can achieve higher resolution with a good medium format lens and the RhinoCam than you can achieve with a single shot from the Sony NEX-7 or D600. I wasn't really sure that was going to be true since many people have argued that modern 24MP sensors out resolve medium format shot on film and scanned.

I wouldn't bet on that!

I stitched something around 15 shots of a ship, taken with a 200mm lens and the resolution of the resulting picture was quit simply, OUTSTANDING...

The picture showed most of the ship and some of the docks around the ship, but when pixelpeeping it was almost possible to see who's behind some of the windows up on the bridge...

If somebody is interested I'll see if I can find that picture and show you...

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