Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

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Re: Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

I still don't get it!
Why not place my camera on a tripod, vertical mount and either use the built in panoramic mode or take severel shots manually and stitch them together with a software better than the built in?

I don't understand how it could be a disadvantage to not get problems with curvelinear distorsion when saving money not buying a rhinocam??

I've stitched a lot af photos with my Nex 5N, both with microsoft ICE and the built-in panoramic mode and I have learned that one of the most important parameter when stitching is time in between the different shots.
Handheld and in panoramic mode produces shots with the shortest time delay. Mounted on a tripod it's possible to eliminate almost all problems related to handheld panoramas.

I (obviously) haven't had to much problems you mention about bends, kinks, misaligned shots when using the built-in panoramic mode or when using Microsoft ICE. And that is even though I almost always take my shots for stitching handheld!  
If you already have a mediumformat lens it's still an additional cost for the rhinocam, but if you don't even have av mediumformat lens laying around somewhere, what are the advantages with rhinocam?

Are there any at all?

As far as I can understand (obviously not much) it looks to me that the only thing one gets with the rhinocam is more complicated handling when out taking shots, thinner wallet since you at least have to by the rhinocam and maybe even some mediumformat lenses, more stuff to carry and a definite need of tripod.

Using the rhinocam handheld most likely is a waste of time, right?

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