Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

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Re: Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for NEX first results

PaulR wrote:

krasse wrote:

I'm afraid that I don't understand the advantages with the rhinocam?

You attach your camera to a mediumformat lens and then take a series of shots that you stitch together to compose a photo of higher resolution?

Why not attach an ordinary telelens and take the shots with that and then do some stitching to achieve higher resolution?
What am I missing here? Why is it better to use the Rhinocam?

The argument, which may or may not be valid, is that because you are using "flat stitching" you aren't introducing any perspective errors and curvilinear distortion into the image compared to normal panorama techniques. I have no idea whether or not that is true. Somebody would have to carefully compare a series of shots taken with the NEX-7 in a traditional Panorama versus the results with the RhinoCam.

Yeah, this just feels like more of a theoretical problem than actual.  The more advance stitching programs are pretty good, particularly if you leave a lot of overlap.  Then again, I often mess up my overlaps and it either doesn't stitch because there's not enough overlap, or I don't get enough sky or enough something and I have gaps in the result.  A device like this would at least better enforce good results, I would think. But for my personal use, I think I'd rather not have something else to drag around and rather save the money and take my chances with the stitching software.

Although setting up the RhinoCam is a bit cumbersome actually taking the 8 shots is pretty easy. The few times I have done traditional panoramas using a standard ball head tripod I have found it a bit challenging to actually take properly overlapping shots. If I have time in the next few days maybe I will compare the two methods and see if I can note a difference.

For right now the only thing I am prepared to assert is that you can achieve higher resolution with a good medium format lens and the RhinoCam than you can achieve with a single shot from the Sony NEX-7 or D600. I wasn't really sure that was going to be true since many people have argued that modern 24MP sensors out resolve medium format shot on film and scanned.

Interesting.  Could this be a limitation of scanners?  Scanning 35mm slides and negatives, it's hard for me to tell if it's my scanning options or the film that's the limitation.  (And if the film, whether it's the lens on the film camera that's the limitation....)  Medium format does blow up pretty large, and should be easier to scan.  I dunno, I'm sure 24MP is competitive, but I'd bet even an old MF camera would compare well.

At any rate, the RhinoCam sounds like a good alternative to a traditional tripod/large format setup!

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