Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

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Re: Your 16mm (SEL16F28) examples...

Bokehmon Trainer wrote:

I just got this lens in the mail as part of a promotion when I bought my NEX6. How does this compare to the kit lens at 16mm?

I only have the 18-55 kit lens to compare; this lens only goes to 18mm, so the 16mm is a bit wider.  The 16mm is similar or worse at wide apertures but past f4, I think it's sharper except for the extreme corners.  The two lenses behave differently, though, even beyond the handling of the corners.  For another thing, the 18-55 has barrel distortion at 18mm (so does the 16-50 kit), while the 16mm lens has only a little distortion; then again, your camera or photo editor may adjust for this anyway.  The main thing people complain about the 16mm are the soft corners, but they get better as you stop down; this is just personal preference as to how much it matters.  There's also a lot of CA, but that can be mitigated in software too.  The end result looks pretty good to me, at least after processing.   Personally, I like it, but the convenience of the 16-50 would make it hard for me to choose, probably.

I'm contemplating on selling or getting the UWA to bring out its full potential.

edit: can you use the converter on any 49mm lens?

It doesn't work on the 18-55.

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