Need help deciding between the Canon T4i and the Nikon D5200?

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kewlguy wrote:

In terms of sharpness or crispness, there is no difference. ( and no logical basis why there could be an difference)

I suggest you to try different DSLRs first before making baseless assumption.

It is not an assumption, the DSLRs that i have used include:

Canon 1000D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 60D, 7D, 1Ds2, 1Ds3,

Nikon D600

Olympus E 510

We're talking about T4i vs D5200 - the T4i is indeed crisper/sharper than D5200.

My T4i is also sharper than my 60D - although many claims the sensors are the same. The difference is real,

Such impression has nothing to do with resolution potential, it is to do with either in-camera jpeg engine or AA-filter strength.

another example would be my 6D and 5D2. The 5D2 is slightly sharper with the same lenses - always.

Because 5D2 has more resolving power than 60D.

D800e is indeed sharper than D800 and so on...

Because it has no AA

and of course M9 beats them all (due to lenses too).

No it doesnt, M9 has no AA so it beats other 18mp FF but it does not beat D800E. M9 black and white version matches D800 because it has no colour filter.

The point is, MP does not reflect the actual resolution achieved.

MP , sensor size, pixel pattern (Bayer or otherwise) and existance of AA  are the deciding factors of resolution. Canon 18mp and Nikon 24mp are both bayer sensor with AA so that is that out of the equation, the only thing left is MP and sensor size. D5200 wins on both.

No logical basis? Your statement may be...

Correct, there is no logical basis, you statement is illogical and irrational, as well as baseless.

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