Hands-on Review: Canon EOS 6D

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Re: Hands-on Review: Canon EOS 6D

There are very significant differences between the two sensors, and their associated electronic circuits. The primary one that comes to mind is the difference in noise. The 6D has much less noise banding than the 5D3. The 5D3 is pretty good, in this respect, and it is certainly possible to take fine pictures using the 5D3, but for some people this difference is very significant. This is, in my mind, one key difference between the 6D and 5D3, where the 6D is superior (although not enough to make up for some other differences). Saying the two sensors are the same, or "essentially the same" is misleading.

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- Bill

I agree with you however these don't produce perceptible differences when it comes to fine art gallery prints.

I think less emphasis on drilling down into the ones and zeros of equipment and more focus on the practical aspects of equipment can be a good thing.

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