Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

Update for the HS50:

I am still trying to work the settings. One thing I noted was that unlike the HS20/30, the HS50 does not need an 1/3 EV adjustment in center weighted mode in normal situations. Even then, I have been using Average mode for most of my shots as I think that produces the most accurate exposure. The other thing I failed to mention earlier is the high speed mode. I mean this camera is amazing when it comes to continuous shots. You can seamlessly shoot full resolution at 6 fps for almost forever. I shot till 59 continuous frames before stopping and it took I think about 5 second to write the files. I didn't time it, maybe some other time I might, but it sure was blazing fast.

Image quality is about the same as the HS30 so that is about as good (or bad) it will get. I used NR low and sharpness low but still end up with some noticeable noise at ISO400 and below. Maybe I have been spoiled by using a dslr. Raw files are not yet supported by Lightroom so hopefully once they are I might be able to get slightly better results. Image stabilization is outstanding. I will shoot  more to get a better understanding of how the lens performs and go about modifying my preferred settings.

Some shots from earlier today, all Jpegs, minor PP in Photoscape and resized.


- Deep

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