Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Re: Three posts and your out? - Go and enjoy your choice

Roger Engelken wrote:

Here is yet another with just a couple of posts telling us he is going somewhere else. Go, and good bye.

Actually it was more of a comment on lack of investment in the olympus SLR system and also on two interesting things in the new flagship Nikon cameras, one that they make a 1.3 crop option allowing users to effectively have a 4/3s use and that they are doing away with the low pass filter to try and get improve on image sharpness, something oly lens users accept with the high quality of the lens. Perhaps didn't get that across to well. It will be interesting to see if this improved resolution with the 24mp sensor and lack of filter make the images as good as i think they will be.

I don't think the number of posts someone makes influences the contribution made in the post, most of what i have learnt on my oly system came from this forum and i am very grateful for the great contributions from other more prolific posters, my lack of experience has meant that i have not had much to contribute and when i do have a query i search the forum rather that post the question to avoid getting that 'this has been done to death before' response'

I do think that the lack of investment i the SLR market by olympus is a subject that concentrates many peoples attention on this forum, this is just another contribution to that topic and the comment that nikon seem to be encroaching on the 4/3rds market with this odd decision to include a crop factor..

There you go, i have almost doubled my number of posts in 5 minutes

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