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Re: Leaving so soon? 2 posts and a goodbye

dave gaines wrote:

You've posted a total of 3 times, including this goodbye, so-long thread.

The E-510 can easily be upgraded with something new or used from Olympus. For the price of a Nikon D7100 ($1200US) you could get a used E-5 and a fine HG zoom lens. The E-5 would be a major upgrade to your E-510 in creative controls, IQ and optical viewfinder size. For the price of a Nikon and one kit lens ($1600 or $1500 w/rebate) you could own a used E-5 and any two used HG lenses, like the 14-54 mkI and a 50-200 mkI, or two new lenses (but not a new 50-200 mm mkII lens).

I imagine if your best, most expensive lens is the 50 mm f/2 the other 3 you have are SG kit lenses. To replace all four lenses you already have, price the standard grade Nikon lenses of similar, equivalent focal length and f-stop. The Olympus 50 mm f/2 portrait and macro lens will be the hardest to replace. (Nikkor 60 mm ED f/2.8 macro?)

And really, any camera can be a 4:3 format with cropping in the post process. An Olympus can be a 3:2 by cropping off the top or bottom edges. But who would want to do that?

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Despite only posting three times i have been an avid user of this site for a while now while i try and improve my skills. I have learnt  a huge amount from reading posts from people with much more experience than me and when i have a query i have always found the answer by using the search facility to look for other related posts. I don't think that posting few times makes the post you do put up less valid. This is just a hobby for me, at least until i get better at understanding the science of taking good photos and find the time and opportunity to do so. Since it is a hobby i cannot justify spending large amounts of money on high or super grade lens, it doesn't mean i don't appreciate a good lens. i have been using microscopes for my work for 25 years and use olympus, leitze and Leica lens all the time and appreciate the resolution that goes into making a good sharp image, in fact i get a bit obsessed with trying to make my images sharp.I have been bidding on ebay for the next two lens i wanted, the 50-200mm SWD lens and the 12-60mm SWD lens, though each time i have been outbid. The lack of choice means there is less opportunity in the second hand market to get a good lens for an affordable price.

My main concern is the increasing lack of choice and investment for oly slr users, less choice in camera bodies and lens as most 3rd party lens are not made anymore and get increasingly difficult t find on the second hand market. i notice a lot of users on this forum use 3rd party lens that are no longer available. Two additional things have also contributed to me wanting to change, i have a major birthday coming up ( in June)  which is an opportunity to spend a decent amount of money on some camera gear. so if i am going to change now is the time to take the plunge The second is that i have joined a local camera club as i want to benefit from learning from like minded people and in a club of 120 members i am the only one using the olympus format. While i don't mind being individual and i know oly have great lens, it does mean that i cannot borrow lens from other members to try and expand my horizons.I have also been avidly reading books by people like Scott Kelby and it is noticeable that there are no professional photographers that i can find that write books using the olympus system.

With regards to lens quality, i think the continuing investment by Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Tamron is leading to better quality lens at more affordable prices, when did olympus last make an SLR lens in the 4/3s mount?I get the impression that for olympus to survive in this market they are going to have to put their available resources into the micro 4/3s and pen market.

When i brought my E-510 i did a fair bit of research for an entry level SLR with good lens, now i am doing the same for going to the next stage and the Nikon D7100 looks to have most of what i want to develop my photography. I only have about $1200 invested in oly lens which have served me well over the last 5 years and have provided me with great shots of my family and places i have visited, so i think even if i do sell them it would have been a good investment. I want a new body and think that the D7100 is better than the E5 and costs less..

These are just my opinions and i will probably hang onto my E_510 even after i change and use it as a second camera for specific tasks like macro or portraits with the 50mm lens.

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