Is Waterproof Dustproof too?

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Re:Waterproof vs. water resistant vs dustproof...

MickeyWickey wrote:

I am not a professional photographer. I work in a dusty environment. We need to take lots of pictures every day with several different cameras. Most of the waterproof point and shoots look like they have dinky little lenses. A year or so ago I remember seeing a Canon camera at a club store that had "dustproof" as a feature but I'm having little luck finding it again.

Are the waterproof cameras generally considered to be dustproof as well? Are there any "prosumer" level cameras with the dustproof feature that you know of?

Don't forget splash proof or weather sealed.

These marketing claims are not regulated by standards. What one company markets as water proof may only qualify as water resistant by another.

As far as industry marketing goes it would basically go:

1. Waterproof

2. Water Resistant/ weather sealed

3. Splash proof

4. Dust proof

Waterproof is only a fuction of pressure. Water can cut through 1" plate steel given adequate pressure. Most quality "waterproof" will be advertised to a certain depth, indicating how much pressure they can take.

Water resistant should mean that the product could be briefly submerged. It should have rubber seals on most buttons and doors.

Splash Proof should mean that the product could be handled and used in rainy weather for an extended period.

Most manufacturers don't allow warranty claim for water damage unless the product is marketed as water proof.

Dust is different than water in that it is abrasive. This is a whole nother ball of wax. Waterproof/waether sealed cameras will be must more dust resistant than their non sealed counter parts.

For a camera that is always in a dusty enviroment, I would recommend to keep up on your maintenance. Blow it off with air after each use. Use cleaning brushes often and use camera detailing methods frequently.

Use lens air/cloths/paper/solutions to clean your glass clean. The Canon 60d & 7d are SLR's in the prosumer range w/weather proofing as are most others to some degree.

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