DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

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Re: DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs

Jack Hogan wrote:

texinwien wrote:

Jack - you're totally, 100% off base here.

...My journey took longer than it should have because I was convinced I'd figured it all out. I hadn't.

And neither have you - yet...

So when someone deviates from accepted norm,

What is the accepted norm, and by whom has it been accepted?

which incidentally results in them looking better than the competition,

It doesn't. If you disagree, please provide a concise example that supports your case - the less fluff the better. Fair warning: don't forget to make sure the cameras in your example are getting equal exposure. Don't, for instance, compare noise based on saturation sensitivity using exposures that were calculated based on camera ISO settings if there's any variance between the two.  And the only variables that are part of the exposure equation are lens light transmission (t-stop), shutter speed and scene illuminance. ISO,  you'll notice, is not on the list.

they must be prepared for some added scrutiny.

I'd agree if there was some way they could cheat or dishonestly skew measurements in their favor. There isn't.

Which may be misguided,

It's most certainly misguided.

but fun anyway.

If you call wild goose chases that, prima facie, can never end with productive results 'fun'.

We'll never know.

Some of us already do. Hope you join us soon.

But to compare apples to apples it behooves reviewers and readers alike not to use such ISO nonsense: thank god for DxO.

Thank Kali for DxO and professional testers who don't forget to equalize exposure when comparing camera performance.

So are you 100% sure that this thread is 100% off base?

As sure as I ever was. Couldn't be one lick more certain than I am.


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