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Re: No Difference Whatsoever...

Fave Photog wrote:

T O Shooter wrote:

As it pertains to use on a D800 or D4, what's the difference between an AI lens and an AI-S lens.

No difference whatsoever on any body newer than the F4.

I've never owned an AI, just a few AI-S. I'm not interested in the physical difference, just what that difference translates into in actual use. My guess would be that you can't adjust aperature from the camera and would have to do it on the lens on an AI. Could someone clarify the difference/s? Thanks

An AI-S lens has a small notch machined into the stainless steel mounting ring that allowed the FA, F-301, F-501, FG, and the F4, to operate the aperture of an AI-S lens linearly in P and S modes. This allowed the aperture to operate more seamlessly, and thus more accurately, in shutter-priority mode (S).

No camera besides the ones listed can even tell the difference between an AI and an AI-S lens, so buy the lens version that is the best built (often AI lenses), as long as the optics are the same. Sometimes the coatings were improved on the AI-S versions, but rarely did the optical formula change. A nice feature on some AI-S lenses are the built-in sliding lens hoods.

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Exactly the info I was looking for Many thanks

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