Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Re: Nikon D7100 crop factor

Doubling crop factors only matters when you can keep up in-terms of megapixels.  A 24 or 36mp FF is not doubled by a 16mp 4:3.  Lens may act like it has doubled its focal length on the camera, but the resolution reality doesn't support it.  When everyone had 10-12mp cameras, it could be used as a tangible comparison.

Something else regarding the D7100, the 4:3 crop mode.  I prefer 4:3 to 3:2 owing to not having to crop as much on average.  Pentax 16mp cameras (3:2) can provide 4:3 at 14mp.  About a 12% reduction. The Nikon has 24mp but drops to 16mp when converted to 4:3 mode.  I wonder why they reduce on top and bottom as well as on the sides to get 4:3? In any case, it's moot as the Nikon still has 16.

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