Nikon D7100 crop factor

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Re: Nikon D7100 crop factor

Rmark wrote:

When the Nikon D7100 was announced I went thru the exact same thought process. I could get a high quality APS-c format and still get the 4/3 field of view benefits with the 1.3 crop factor. Plus Nikons are very nice cameras.


I already own 2 Olympus bodies (E410, which I use for diving and clinical close-up in my dental practice,and an E-30 for everything else.) To replace the 5 ZD lenses and the Sigma 105 in nikon mount lenses would run into thousands of dollars.

Being honest , my own photographic skills have not exceeded what the E30 is capable of. So except for getting a really cool new toy, I'm not sure what the real benefit would be. Sure I would like better high iso performance, and less noise overall. But for what I would end up spending on new lenses I could take the E30 to the Galapagos., twice.

You could pick up a used E30 or even an E5 for a lot less than the cost of a D7100 plus replacing the lenses you already have.

Yep. Me too. I priced all my gear and looked into what it would take to get equal quality glass in Nikon mount. Though tempting, I would have to pour in about $2500 more than my equipment is worth to get as good of glass. Since you don't have great lenses, you might be happy with the many options in Nikon mount that are not as good as better Zuikos. IMO, better Zuikos and a much better body in Olympus own line up would be much less expensive for you. The E-30 and E-5 are much much better than the E-510, but I don't blame you for looking at the D7100. If you have the money don't skimp on lenses. Put in the cash and get a good lens or two.



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