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Re: Joined Team Olympus!

Congrats! That was a very reasonable deal considering these are such great lenses and the accessories are nice. Recently I priced all my gear because I was drooling over the D7100, but if I sold all my gear I could buy just one lens as nice as my current lenses. There are lots of lenses for the Nikon mount, but so many don't fare as well on high rez digital unless you really put down serious money. The new 80-400mm that was just announced for $2700 for example! I decided that my original decision to go with Olympus because of the lenses is one I don't regret and so I will stop lusting over a new fancy camera.

$1400 is a good deal at current used prices. You basically paid a fair used cost for the system proper and then got a fracken sweet bag and some nice accessories thrown in. Don't know what the bag model is, but those are pricey. I have an E-1, E-3, 11-22mm, 14-54mm, 50-200mm, Tamron SP 300mm f2.8, Tamron SP 90mm f2.5, FL-50, FL-36--so similar kit besides the legacy glass. The 11-22mm and 50-200mm are may favorite lenses with the 300mm coming in not far behind.

I think the really sweet glass that you plan to get is a great deal since used prices are low due to perception of Olympus DSLRs these days. You still have the E-5 to upgrade to eventually and to buy similar quality in Canon or Nikon glass would be thousands more. I like the pictures I get from my E-1 and E-3, but these bodies to lag behind the OM-D which is the cutting edge 4/3rds sensor. Olympus keeps promising that new flag ship that will make use of all these great Zuiko zooms will come out soon. There's lots of speculation about it, but you might want to save some cash for that. It's bound to be really good when it does come. With Olympus, it seems to be common to wait a while for big releases though. We weather a lot sometimes. (Thank goodness for the weather sealing.

Cheers and welcome!



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