SAL 85mm 2.8 vs Contax G 90mm 2.8

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Re: SAL 85mm 2.8 vs Contax G 90mm 2.8

I have both, and the answer is yes, the Contax G seems sharper and more contrasty to me. But this is only my impression, and the difference is quite small. I believe the SAL85 is recording a similar amount of detail, but doesn't appear as sharp because it's a little less contrasty.

If I were to choose only one I'd pick the SAL 85 because:

  • AF can be handy at this focal length especially when the lenses are wide open and used at close range, the photographer or the subject can move
  • I prefer the rendering and bokeh of the SAL 85 for portraiture, the Contax G is a bit harsh

On the other hand, if you're looking for that sharp/contrasty Zeissy look, the Contax G is the one.

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