photos and need some camera setting advice for a shoot I am doing Sunday

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photos and need some camera setting advice for a shoot I am doing Sunday

Hi everyone. Oh how much fun my Sony Slt A 57 is........

Need some advice. I did two photo shoots this past month. Then more and more people are asking me. I love taking photos of little ones. But now I have been asked to do several more.

Also those of you that remember me. I am sooooooooooooooo new at this!!!!!!!

Keep in mind I only use natural lighting and thats how I am staying this month or the next few months because no funds to purchase other things at the moment. Had too much fun shopping for children'

s photo props. I use just my camera and the amazing world of lightroom.

Need to know what camera shooting you would set your camera too for these situations??? also, would you use, spot, zone, wide??? or what. Since I have just been doing little ones. One child by them self in my home I usually have my camera set to 1.8 between 160 and 240 iso 100. I use my 50 mm lens.

What do I do in these situations, whenever outside in full sun. The photos just arent great so I must be doing something really wrong? I have a shoot this Sunday.. two of them actually. ayayyayayaa.. How in the world did I get myself into this. Ohhhhhhhhh thats right I volunteered.. LOL

What settings do you think I should try with my lovely camera for practice before Sunday?

Family shoot- 12 kids~ sunny day - 2:00 afternoon. What settings? I use a 50 mm... what lens would you use????? also... set camera on zone, spot, wide? what?

two children- with props.. but the children will not be side by side in some of the photos. I know what settings work well in my home.. but is this when I should take it off spot.... and use something different. I want both kids in clear.. not just zoning in on one child. Which I notice happens? when their are a couple of kids in a photo, its as if the camera is zoning in on one kid?????????? other child not as crisp and clear.. What am I doing wrong. Always have my camera on spot.

Thank you all for your advice.

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