Nikon D3 LCD question; smudge?

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Re: Nikon D3 LCD question; smudge?

Bajerunner wrote:

Santelia wrote:

Greetings, the smudge does show when using the play back or menu options but it's there. Any clues of what it is or if it can lead to major problem, or if anyone has replaced, at what cost $.

Thanks for the help.

Visible mostly under the glare of lights, sun or indoors. any clues?

I saw the videos and they make look real easy....... I suppose the process would be the same for a D3 as it is for the D70 on the video?

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I think that was an early problem with D3, D700 and D300.

Inside fogging of the LCD protector glass (the one on outside is the protector glass and can be replaced without replacing the actual LCD.

Here is an example.

They seem out of stock, however.

But no biggie, its working fine, no problem. If it really bugs you, Ebay should have a replacement,. I just received a replacement for my D300 one, in case it gets damaged or if I change it as it has slight fogging that does not affect picture taking or viewing in not too bright light. Harsh sunlight can be a bit tedious for playback viewing with fogging.

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