sacrilege! fuji x10 question

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Re: sacrilege! fuji x10 question

I have X10 and V1 kit, unfortunately the latter is in USA waiting for me!  So I can't compare with personal experience yet.

From reading as much as I can I would say that IQ from V1 is gong to be better, and of course it gives me nearly 300mm equiv compared with 112mm on the X10, and that is why I bought it.

The X10 is a very nice camera to handle, well built etc.  The difficulty or advantage lies with the number of options in shooting.  The EXR sensor has it supporters and detractors, and it adds complication.  It definitely works in extending DR way beyond anything comparable (see DPreview tests), but at the expense of only 6mp pics.

There are 2 user customised settings which help once you have decided what you like.  I keep changing these as I have not yet decided, but I have one for 12Mp good light shots, and the other for an EXR option (either high DR or high S/N via pixel binning also at 6Mp)

I still use the old firmware which is set up for one function button for iso setting and one for DR (there are actually 2 DR methods this camera uses, the EXR one and a more 'normal' DR extension using in camera curves.  There is a newer firmware which gives access to more settings via quick screen but I have not yet upgraded.

There are lots of blogs and posts with peoples' favourite settings if you google.  I find most of them very confusing, but worthwhile looking at before you decide.

When I get to US in June I can post actual comparisons but suspect that is going to be too late for you.

The repalcement X20 is just available and gives a better viewfinder and quicker focus, and a change away from the EXR sensor to an X trans sensor withour AA filter.  There is lots of discussion about IQ right now, with various conflicting views.  I guess a few weeks will bring some professional comparisons and we can judge whether the X20 IQ is better

Hope this confused reply helps


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