Northern Lights.

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Re: Northern Lights.

dretket wrote:

I've been in Alaska on the North Slope for 2 months now. I finally caught a glimpse of the northern lights and got a couple of photos. Not the best, but something is better than nothing.

I like the last two of them particularly.

It would have been nice if the Exif data were included though...  this is a techie forum!

Your chances for this year are just about gone, what with more hours of sunlight just about to make it impossible to see the aurora when it does exist.  And no doubt you've also become aware that cloud cover is the biggest impediment to seeing aurora on the North Slope!  There is a band of auroral activity, and we are sitting just north of it while Fairbanks is just south.  But Fairbanks is located between a couple of really high mountain ranges and as a result has many days without clouds.  That's a great place to photograph the aurora.

Hey, on your next trip off the Slope, take a one day break in Barrow and I'll buy you a coffee cup or two!  And you can try a little maktaq for lunch...

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