Why F2.8 .................. Animals pt.2

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Why F2.8 .................. Animals pt.2

Why not :)......because f3.5 isn't any better, lol

What is that in your Beak ?

Many of us paid a premium for the faster lens in the FZ200.

We need to get our money's worth

Eating again?...and now two pieces ?

And He needs to stop eating , lol.

Faster aperture allows for faster shutter speeds, avoiding higher iso settings, which will degrade IQ.

For animals/wildlife shots showing hair or feather detail, raising the iso past base (iso 100) effects the IQ.

Also f2.8 might help with the AF, especially at the telephoto end. Might help in blurring background a bit more, but don't expect too much, as the sensor is still pretty small, inherently having deep DOF.

But it can help a lot when shooting something behind bars/wires/fence.

Like this eagle fenced in....for years I passed it by, wishing I could get up close against the fence, instead of 10 to 12 feet away....but tried shooting it, last two visits with FZ200.

Processed this differently, trying to regain lost contrast and detial from fence


Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
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