Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

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Re: Reviews, hands-on, samples of HS50 Part V

jcmarfilph wrote:

Sagans Hus wrote:

Nice picture and nice dynamics, but the picture is far from sharp.
your friend
/ Kim

You wanna see how horrible is FZ200?

This base ISO and the lion is under blazing sunlight of Africa

Why don't you shoot and upload your pictures in PTF and let's see how sharp and clean are your FZ200 shots.

-=[ Joms ]=-

Ha,ha, ha this is really too funny. I wonder why when Joms favorite camera brand gets anything less than an absolute Stellar review he automatically finds the worst of the worst pics by the Pani fz series and says look at this. It's always Panasonic he attacks and the reasons fairly obvious.

The fact of the matter is until all the Pro Photography review sites crown a new king the Pani rules and for good reason. There are incredible shots that have been taken with the FZ 200 and all anyone has to do is go over there and explore, if you leave it to Joms you will only see the worst because he can't stand that it has dominated this class for years.

There's a very good reason why no trusted review sites have the Fuji in the top spot, as a matter of fact Fuji needs to concentrate on beating the Canon and Nikon Superzooms which are also rated higher in nearly every comparison shootout.

You would think Fuji would be picked by some as the best superzoom but that's just not the case.

Unfortunately for true Fuji fans you have a bitter dishonest troll that spends much of his time in the Pani , Canon and Nikon forums tearing apart people just because they like a different manufacturer . Joms is always the first person to degrade, criticize and say people don't know what their talking about if they like any other brand than Fuji.

A real low life you guys have, but there are genuine caring people in here, do what most other forums have learned to do, ignore him.

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