My letter to Nikon customer service...

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Re: My letter to Nikon customer service...

RedFox88 wrote:

Steve_in_FL wrote:

- Refusing to honor warranties on so-called gray market products. (Nikon you sold it!)

- Refusing to repair gray market products.

What grey market (import) units are without warranty - because the buyer is not paying the for the warranty. That is why import/grey market items cost less than regular in-country products! It's very simple to understand. We all pay for the warranty an item has. If you choose to buy one without a warranty you are saving money on the risk that your unit won't have any issues within the normal warranty period or that any issues will cost less to fix than paying the normal price for a unit with a warranty!

BULL!  Canon honors their warranty wherever you buy their product.  If I buy Nikon in one country, I am screwed for service in any other country.  In my book, that is fraud!

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