Advice about best lens choice for Oly OMD EM5

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Re: Advice about best lens choice for Oly OMD EM5

Rohith Thumati wrote:

Hey Rob,

If you're happy with the image quality out of the 14-150, you should check out the MCON P01 macro converter for the lens. It's ~$50. You just attach it to the front of the lens, and can just keep it on all the time, if you like, or drop it into your pocket when not in use. I don't recall exactly, but it cuts the minimum focusing distance quite significantly. If you do want to get other lenses down the line, it also works natively with the 14-42 kit zoom, 40-150 zoom, and 45mm f/1.8 (Olympus doesn't advertise that the adapter works on this lens, but it does).

What focal lengths do you use most of the time? Do you find that you often want to go wider than the 14-150 allows? Answering those questions will help in answering which lens to supplement the zoom with.

What exactly does a macro converter do?

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