Kodak DCS620 review

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Kodak DCS620 review

I went digital from Hasselblads when Hassie Backs stayed in
the +$20M range and haven't looked back. Shooting D1/F100
in tandem and DCS620/F5 as my digital and film
combinations has kept clients happy and cut expenses buy
50%. DCS620 with 1gig. Calluna Type 3 card has much
faster capture than D1 with 1gig Microdrive and is lightyears
ahead for fashion work. Battery life is superb with new "gold"
batteries. No problem with 16x20 output using Genuine
Fractals and v.5.9 capture software. Nikon charges $500 for
their proprietary big file capture software, which makes DCS a
much better deal. If only the DCS660 had the 620's capture
rate! Conclusion: Easy, fluid, no hassel transition. I'm not
looking back!


Original (silver lettering) batteries were poor. Replaced free
by Kodak "no questions asked" with their superior gold label
batteries for free, incl. overnight shipping etc. Great support
when product flaw discovered! Capture and firmware
upgrades have solved color balance/improved the unit (also
free from the web)!

Kodak DCS620
2 megapixels • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 3, 1999
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