Sri Lanka - done by the 600d + the double kit and the 10-22

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Would it be possible in the future that you don't tell people that their "nice" comments aren't good enough (or words to that affect)? First, the terms "nice", "great" or "amazing" are subjective and subject to people's interpretation. Secondly, you have no idea what I meant with those "nice" comments, whether I thought the pictures were "great" or not. Thirdly, you could discourage other people from commenting with their "nice pictures, thanks for sharing" replies. Some people are lucky to get one other person to reply to their photos. That was the one reason I started the Show Your Snaps thread over a year ago, as I would be that one person that would reply. Now, I often don't have time or may not reply in the exactly way you or someone else would like. But I don't think you need to knock me down or anyone else down to make your points.


I promise. I merely wanted to express how superior these photos were. 'Nice' is so overused, probably used for 3/4 or more of photos that get commented upon, that to me it seemed insufficient.

In future I'll just say 'nice'.

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