Fujifilm MX-700 / Fujifilm FinePix 700 review

Started Apr 10, 2001 | User reviews thread
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Fujifilm MX-700 / Fujifilm FinePix 700 review

i used an mx-700 for 3 months, and would recommend it, but only if you can get it for around 250-300 dollars.
i bought mine used. it is very small, and built very well.
get a 16 meg flashcard at the least, as the 'fine' quality mode eats up memory fast.


painfully slow download to pc, and the memory card slot door is poorly desinged, it pops open very easily, almost evry time the camera is removed from the case.

FujiFilm MX-700 (FinePix 700)
1 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 mm
Announced: Feb 3, 1998
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