Sony Mavica FD-91 review

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Sony Mavica FD-91 review

I've owned my FD-91 for about a year. Bought it at $650.00 brand new from a big online electronics merchant. Absolutely the best camera I've ever owned. Although it's a three year old model now, and not megapixel, I don't really need huge print resolutions, as most of what I shoot ends up on computer screens/web pages/eBay auctions, etc. etc. I've used Sony's ImageStation Web Service for free 4x5 prints and they came out just fine.

An astounding feature set. Super build quality. The whole camera just says "classy" to me. I have big hands, and it fits me perfectly.. Every control is well-labelled and placed just right, except for the *tiny* buttons on the side of the flip-up LCD screen..

I'm not crazy about tiny little miniature everything, on electronic devices. This is a camera I could actually operate wearing gloves, if the weather was cold enough to warrant them. Most of the time the only controls you'll touch are the shutter and the zoom lever anyway..

I wanted a big digital camera, and this sucker is the size of a big SLR. The lens is absolutely killer. 14:1 Optical zoom? C'mon, that's better than most binoculars!

Everything about it just works right, whether I'm lazy and shoot in full auto, or want to get finicky and use manual override for this or that. And the floppy media? Disks are a nickel a piece. How much cheaper can it get? Re-use them over and over. Carry a pile of them in my jeans pockets. 20-23 pics per disk in 640x480, 8-10 in 1024x768. Suits my needs just fine. No cables, funky interfaces, weird software.. just slap the disk into any computer with an HD floppy drive..

The fact that the camera has both an LCD screen (which can be positioned all over the place including flip up/reverse so your subject can see their own image and pose) AND a viewfinder is a huge plus..


It is not a good low-light camera, and the flash is wimpy. But you don't need BRIGHT sunlight to get good results. Decent indoor lighting will give you fine shots too. Just gets grainy when there isn't enough light. Sony uses a bit too much JPEG compression, even in "Fine" mode too.

Also, the original NP-F330 battery will no longer take a charge after a year of use, but I bought the beefier NP-F550 which is still working fine, and is the battery an expensive camera like this should've shipped with..

Sony Mavica FD-91
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 37 – 518 mm (14×)
Announced: Nov 16, 1998
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