My letter to Nikon customer service...

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Re: My letter to Nikon customer service...

I have to agree.  I have been a long time loyal Nikon user, but I am getting fed up with their cavalier attitude toward the consumer.  Here is what I have observed with just a casual reference to the internet:

-  Shipping products with known defects.

-  Refusing to acknowledge defects.

-  Coming up with spurious reasons to not honor their warranty.

-  The infamous impact damage and other similar attempts to gouge users.

-  Refusing to honor warranties on so-called gray market products.  (Nikon you sold it!)

-  Refusing to repair gray market products.

-  Refusing to sell replacement parts to third party repair facilities.

-  Requiring users to pay for repairs and cleaning when it is Nikon's defect.

-  Repairs which require multiple trips to the repair facility.

Nikon, are you listening?  A LOT of us are leaning toward purchasing Canons for our next camera, even though we'd prefer a Nikon.

(1)  We don't trust Nikon products not to have QC issues

(2)  We don't trust Nikon to treat us fairly with the warranty

This is exactly the kind of thing the U.S. car makers did, and it put them in bankruptcy.  Is Nikon so arrogant they think it can't happen to them?

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