Nikon Coolpix 100 review

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Nikon Coolpix 100 review

I got this camera for free when I made another purchase. I have also purchase two other digital cameras. One is the tiney Mitsubishi DJ-1000 which I paid about $85 for and another. Of all three cameras, I like the coolpix the best. Even though the camera has low resolution, the pictures are fine for sticking on websites. My pictures seem to turn out well. Perhaps the best feature is how quickly I can pop the camera into my pc and transfer the pictures.

I give this camera an A+ in terms of usability for beginners, but you must have a laptop to appreciate it. No extra cables or power supplies or memory readers needed. No need to load any software - windows recognizes it as another drive!

The LCD is helpful in letting you know how many pictures remain.

There seems to be a one to two second delay in taking photos, especially when the flash is activated.

At times, I have forgotton to turn off the flash, which has resulted in dead batteries.

The only improvement(s) I'd suggest is memory expansion (compact flash) capability and a way to delete a picture just taken. The camera only takes 21 pictures.
I'd also recommend usb capability for those who don't have laptops.


Image quality is grainy in low light and sunlight affects image
Sometimes slow
Limited to 21 or so pictures - no memory expansion

Nikon Coolpix 100
0 megapixels • 52 mm
Announced: Jan 20, 1997
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