Canon EOS D30 review

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Canon EOS D30 review

I bought this camera specifically for ice hockey. "Must be mad" some of you are probably thinking! The AF is really stretched but so long as you work to its limits, it performs well. Couldn't wait for the new pro-spec body - probably couldn't afford it either - and Nikon wasn't an option since I already had 3 L-series lenses. Very impressed with the image quality and I've yet to shoot RAW. Have printed results up to A3 and people don't know the results from film. Digital saves me so much time, I hardly expect to use film again for sports.


Shutter release on vertical grip has let me down a couple of times. The main on/off switch could also be improved. Never seem to be entirely happy with the exposure system when using flash on an EOS since I'm used to cameras that set a specific speed when the flash is on.

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Canon EOS D30
3 megapixels • 1.8 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: May 17, 2000
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