Where the Pentax photogs go?

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Re: Kikivrany

Hello Jim Radcliffe

Thanks for take the time to explain your opinion.


Providing test shots is certainly food for thought for many. I've looked at photos of many brick walls, cats, tree limbs, uncooperative wives and children, newspapers and test charts... that's all well and good.. but the best photos are those that show what the camera can do in the hands of a photographer with a subject in mind, not a test shot. Those shots I enjoy.. the rest do nothing for me. Hopefully you will understand I only speak for myself.

Now I do also enjoy picture posts. I think that other forums did organised it better than this Pentax forums.

For example, when I post a picture thread...and get a home-run...with what I mean a thread with no reply ...then it takes one or two days until this thread is on page two.

On the other hand, a thread (now I don't mean a thread of mine) with a wonderful picture and lot of replies stay maybe 2 or 3 days on page one.

That is not much different, so that a lot people do simply miss such nice picture threads.

I know only one thread, Leo's and Ozdean's 'your flower of the month' thread, where we have enough time for watching the pictures. And you always find wonderful pictures there. Now this is a specific topic, flowers, but I think that when we had more month-threads about a topic, we would have the chance to see quite a lot wonderful pictures.

best regards kikivrany

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