Fujifilm DS-300 review

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Fujifilm DS-300 review

This is my first 1+Megapixel digital camera and I have enjoyed using it even more than my Nikon F4s (which I adore). The idea of not paying processing fees for unknown mistakes is a powerful incentive for me to go whole-hog with digital. This camera with its 1.3 MP's is no 6900, but I'm sure glad I bought this camera, because I have found that Fuji is capable of extremely high build quality and cuts no corners trying to give the consumer a great product. I now know that when I purchase a higher pixel camera, that I will not be afraid of the Fuji name! Paying only $123.50 for this camera (used) on eBay and getting 2 batteries and 4 20 MB cards and charger, make this the best camera deal I've ever made, period. I love the colors and the flexibility due to the many controls offered.
I've also found that the optical viewfinder error is not that drastic and easy to learn the work arounds in closeup work.
Due to the fact that I paid peanuts for this camera and that Lexar's 320 MB PCMCIA card's are compatible with this camera and available on eBay New with 5 yr warrenty for $150, I think this is the best thing to ever happen to me in my photography related purchases to date. Nontheless I am looking forward to owning a Fuji 6900 because of its high Pixel count and image quality, which will go a long ways towards having the best 8x10's possible to adorn my pathetically bare walls.


Not a one!

Fujifilm DS-300
1 megapixels • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Aug 2, 1997
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