Olympus D-620L (C1400XL) review

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Olympus D-620L (C1400XL) review

I'm very disappointed with the C1400XL. I upgraded from a D840L (340L in US) about 18 mths ago. My first digital SLR, though I've had 35mm SLRs in the past.

The images are very sharp for a 1.4 MP, even in HQ (middle res), due no doubt to the large lens, but they exhibit EXCESSIVE contrast. In even moderately bright conditions, pale colours are washed out, and shadows are so black that no amount of post processing can retrieve any detail. I can sometimes get a decent image by bracketing every shot with an exposure stop either side of auto, but frankly I'd prefer the camera to do the work.

As noted by other reviewers, the auto focus is hopeless in low light, but I've also found it to be temperamental in bright light unless it has a very hard edge to lock on to. To over-ride it manually you have to depress a button at the same time as releasing the shutter - very fiddly.

The images are a strange size that doesn't equate to the proportions of a PC monitor (hence 1.4 MP not 1.3 MP), and SQ (640) images are full of artifacts (compared to the 840L).

Combine these shortcomings with the bulk of the camera and it's easy to see why I still pick up the old 840L more often than not, and why I'm looking for a replacement compact with a zoom.


Sometimes refuses to fire. Turning off and on again usually resolves it, but the moment is often gone.

Olympus D-620L (C1400XL)
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 110 mm (3.1×)
Announced: Nov 2, 1998
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