Fujifilm MX-1200 / Fujifilm Finepix 1200 review

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Fujifilm MX-1200 / Fujifilm Finepix 1200 review

First off, yes, like many of you out there, this was my first, but since, I've used many digicams with mixed results. All of the others were complicated and took more time to learn than was worth the pleasure of shooting them. Not so with the MX1200. This little cam had me up and running minutes after I bought it. Batteries last a goodly time, as long as you don't play around with the LCD for long periods. Quality is EXCELLENT, taking into account the state of technology when this little cam was introduced. I bought mine from a pawn at only $100 as they didn't know that it had a smartmedia card in it (4mb came with them from Fuji). Images are rather well when set to auto but it hates low-light situations. Flash will give dust particles the spotlight, but I avoid taking pics in dusty situations anyway. I've fallen many times to tried and trued Mx1200 when the Olympus 460DL my job puchased just couldn't be figured out in time for that all important event, and after buying a 64MB SM card, a usb reader (a MUST have!!), and NiMH Batteries, I can't say I'd prefer many others.

Now the time has come to upgrade again... because of the exposed lens, lack of accessory filter and lens support, and low resolution, but rest assured, Fuji has earned my respect as a serious contender in the field of photographic technology and I'll definitely be considering their current and future products.


Low light performance could be better. Exposed lens requires a dedicated protective camera case and lens cleaners at hand if you intend to keep for any length of time. Slow shutter speeds accentuate dust particles.

FujiFilm MX-1200 (Finepix 1200)
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 38 mm
Announced: Sep 15, 1999
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