Pentax EI-200 review

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Pentax EI-200 review

I'm a thirty year architect. After several days of intense research, I bought this camera for general purpose use through AOL Netmarket 07/05/01 .

I was initially happily excited about the purchase, although
it's brutal on battery use, even Ray O Vac's rechargeable NiMh units.

I had only taken about 150 shots with it when it quit functioning less than four months later.

I sent the camera back to Pentax in Colorado for repair 11/01. Although it's been in a padded case since only hours I got it and has never been dropped or jarred, the Pentax tech insisted that there is evidence of severe"impact" damage inside and it would cost more to repair than it's worth.

Furthermore, since their tech says its impact damage, it's not under warranty, so they merely mailed it back to me as unrepairable.

When I called customer {no} service and insisted that the camera had in no way been damaged since I had it and should therefore be under warranty I was told there was nothing they would do.

I find this is incredible! The camera didn't have a scratch on it and had been "babied" since I got it. But, it's simply my word against the techs. That's it.


Pentax refused to repair camera, insisting it had severe impact damage internally when it has never been jarred and kept in a padded case since the hour I recieved it in the mail.

Brutal on battery usage, even NiMh rechargeables.

Pentax EI-200
2 megapixels • 2 screen • 34 – 108 mm (3.2×)
Announced: Feb 3, 2000
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