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Sierra Dave wrote:

SirSeth wrote:

Yeah, it might be 8 brilliant pixels, and it would make a few very happy, but I think it would be a suicide mission for the company. To some degree this already happened when the E-1 was 5MP and the competition was 6MP. The 5MP were of very good quality, but the psychology of being a million short was just hard to sell.

That wasn't really what gave people pause about the E-1 though. It was the $2200 price-tag, in conjunction with high noise, limited dynamic range, restricted lens availability and dodgy C-AF in what was supposed to be a 'pro' camera.

Making it 6 or even 8MP would not have made it much more of a success.

You might be right. I guess I slant to a different "might have been" though. I remember the E-1 being $1800 street price at release. Canon was leading in noise reduction at high ISO granted, and Fuji had a strong lead in DR--and these cameras had their own warts.

I remember that time being a real MP war. People bought cameras based on MP (and many people still do). I also remember that there was nothing weather sealed below Canon and Nikons $3000 + bodies. Suddenly the E-1 offered two sealed lenses 28-400mm f2.8-3.5 range and rugged sealed body for $1800. (Maybe the Pentax K20 was an exception but there were not good sealed lenses then for Pentax). The E-1 had a lot of things sorted that mattered to pros and enthusiasts. 100% viewfinder, SSWF, seals, pixel mapping, sealed grip, good buffer for the time, and a body that was great to shoot with. I think they would have sold more if the MP war wasn't so hot with so many people putting so much stock in that one number.

At least that's how I remember it.



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