Olympus D-600L review

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Olympus D-600L review

98-99 Euro DigiCam of the year. Excellent images even by today's standards (esp for a 1+ MP CCD).
Limited min 1/4s shutter spd can be 'pushed' by using the pre-focus modes and +3 exp comp for low-light shots. Use photoshop etc to push gamma/contrast to improve underexposed low-light shot but at cost of image.
Excellent high-contrast shots eg dawn-dusk using useful spot-meter.
Very cheap nowadays for a used one (got mine early 2001 for ~US$200)
One of the few digicams which doesn't look and handle like a 'touristy compact' ie both hands holding for improved stability.


as well-documented eg batt-consumption, limited by 'auto' functions design, low-light perf, SMedia (max 32MB w/firmware upgrade), serial transfer, no hotshoe...

Olympus D-600L
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 36 – 110 mm (3.1×)
Announced: Sep 10, 1997
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