P7700's screen upside down?

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Re: P7700's screen upside down?

tomjar wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

tomjar wrote:

That's really weird. I tried to reproduce it on my camera - it does not happen no matter what I do. I hope Nikon will fix it for you (or replace the camera).

As I said, I haven't been able to reproduce the mirror image display and I've tried, even many times today. So I have no incentive to waste time and money sending the camera back to Nikon, and I doubt that they'd be able to detect a problem. So they'd return the P7700 to me as good as they received it (hopefully). You know the famous old phrase? If it ain't broke any more, don't fix it.

I understand. I was actually replying to the OP. He seems to be having a permanent problem.

Right you are. I see what made me think that your reply was to me. The title of my reply started with "P7700's Screen..." and yours started with "Re: P7700's Screen...". Glancing too quickly (not taking into account the leading "Re: ") made it appear that it was indented one level, the way a reply to my post would have been. Oops. I don't think that the OP has a permanent problem though. If he takes more time before pressing the power button, I think that the display will behave normally. Maybe.

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