What's up with Panasonic's lens color choices?

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Re: What's up with Panasonic's lens color choices?

Cane wrote:

Inkheart wrote:

Not again.. first there were complaints about Olympus lens color and now Panasonic, come on.. don't you have other things to worry about?

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OMG, am I not allowed to bring it up, fanboy? The lenses are a bizarre color that doesn't match anything. You'd think someone could ask about it? Oh the humanity!

If I made endless posts about the total awesomeness of the system, I am sure you'd be ok with that, right? Do you own stock in either company? Did you pick the colors? You act as if I am insulting your mother and your country by asking something so dastardly.

Am I the only person on earth that thought it was strange and wondered if there's a reason why they are the 'unique' colors they are and the reasoning behind them? I really didn't think I sinned against God and humanity for bringing up such a sensitive and obviously blasphemous pointless topic. You all can discuss the looks of the OMD all day long and how awesome it looks in silver, bringing you back to 1965, but the weird Panny lens color choices is not worthy of a discussion? Is the internet full up already and we are conserving space?

I guess it's back to your usual cat photo's and pats on each others backs.

You may be one of the only people vacuous enough to care about the color of a lens.

It's like whining about the paint on a hammer.

I guess it's back to your runway modeling with your matched camera set in tow.

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