Zack Arias: x100s "the greatest camera I’ve ever owned"

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Re: Zack Arias: x100s "the greatest camera I’ve ever owned"

Cane wrote:

Ariston wrote:

Cane wrote:

if he hated it would he be a hack?

definitely a hack. because there is nothing to complain about the X100s from the people who actually used the camera objectively. so why would his observation be any different? it would had been different if the X100s received a great amount of mixed reviews, but so far it has been all positive. the only people that I see complaining here are very few measurebators and non-users, just a fact.

Every forum is the same, if some pro likes a camera, he is immediately put on a pedestal by the fan boys of the forum and hailed as a true professional. If someone doesn't give their camera a positive enough review, they are deemed every bad name in the book. They could be the same guy. I've seen it happen both ways to the same guy from forum to forum. It may well be a fantastic camera, it just makes me chuckle inside at camera forums.

of course, that is why a general consensus must be unanimous. there are certainly fanboys and there are those that fire up something out of their anus. now that is not difficult to see.

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