Weddings: Anything imprudent about a small, fast prime-exclusive kit?

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Re: Weddings: Anything imprudent about a small, fast prime-exclusive kit?

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Greetings all,

I've got a raft of weddings to attend in the spring, and I've been asked to serve as a second photographer at two. I've done engagement photos for both couples with my personal Fuji gear, but I've decided to rent a Canon body (likely the 6D) for the weddings. The question is whether, in your experience, weddings present unique obstacles to the <i>exclusive</i> use of a small set of fast, non-stabilized primes.

Well shooting 2nd isnt the same as shooting main . Do you mean shooting 2nd as youre supporting a main photographer or youre floating around yourself ?

In addition to the 6D, shoe-mounted flash, and diffuser, I'm considering the Sigma 35 1.4 and Canon 85 1.2L II. These primes represent the sort of shooting experience to which I've grown accustomed and with which I'm very pleased. Given my lack of professional wedding experience, however, I'm concerned that I might be at some kind of disadvantage without more versatile optics (e.g. a stabilized standard or tele zoom).

I'll be carrying my Fuji gear as an insurance policy, but if I'd be at a disadvantage with the Canon primes alone, my Fuji gear is not going to solve the problem.

I'd be very much interested in, and appreciative of, the perspectives of anyone familiar with the rigors of wedding photography.


Good question: I'll be floating, solo.

Yes it seems you’re getting responses as you’re the main which isn’t so. I would definitely have a 70-200 2.8 , 135L ,85 to stay out of the mains way as much as possible. Bring everything you can but I would have long covered. I could show you plenty of great images as main with 35/50/85 but your best opportunities will be long imo. Shoot tight candid’s etc look at 2nd shooter stuff. Receptions are always fast primes for me, mostly 35,50,85 in that order and should have some more freedom here as well. Only super wide for room shoots, exteriors etc .The 85 1.2 af is very slow, the 1.8 would probably serve you much better as far as keepers except when posed. Say hello to the main when you get there and be aware of any shooting guidlines at the ceremony etc

There will be a period in one service where I'll be covering the groom exclusively.

50/85 hands in pockets, watch your backrounds. Pour over some solo groom shots, have a few ideas in mind

I'm otherwise free to roam.


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